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Check out how a huge E-Commerce giant digitized their contracting operations with Volody’s AI CLM tool!

At a Glance

An established e-commerce retailer in beauty and fashion implemented Volody’s AI CLM software to address manual workflow challenges & contracting inefficiencies. Volody automated workflow & implemented E-signing.

The client experienced efficient approvals, version-controlled contracts, timely obligation management, and enhanced insights for informed decision-making.

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E-Commerce Contracting: A Digital Transformation Case Study

Case Study Highlights

The following are the highlights of the case study:

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About the Client

The client is an established e-commerce retailer focusing on beauty, wellness, & fashion products. With a user-friendly website & app, the company provides a seamless and convenient shopping experience, catering to the needs of beauty and fashion enthusiasts across the country.

Statistics about the Client

  • $ 680M+ Net revenue for the fiscal year 2022-2023
  • 2400+ Brands available on the website with 100% authentic products
  • 1.4 million+ Number of monthly visitors on the website
  • 38% Market share in online beauty & personal care market.
  • Challenges

    • Manual workflow management: Inefficient processes and delays due to manual handling.
    • Undefined approval rules: No documented guidelines for obtaining approvals making the process error prone.
    • Lack of central repository: 4000+ physical contracts scattered without proper labeling.
    • Unclear signatory identification: No clear mechanism or steps to identify contract signatories.
    • Poor renewal & expiry tracking: Absence of a system to track renewals and expirations.
    • Missing MIS: Lack of a monitoring and reporting system leading to uninformed decision-making.

    Solution Process

    The client, after careful deliberation, partnered with Volody to tackle their contracting challenges. Volody adopted a strategic approach to tackle these issues. These were the steps taken by Volody to supercharge the client’s contracting process:

    Bottlenecks were documented, contracts were scanned and a central repository was established with proper indexing and identification.

    Volody’s AI CLM created customizable workflows based on defined roles, categories, & approval matrix.

    Digital signatures were introduced to streamline the signing process, eliminating the need for physical contract copies and reducing delays.

    A facility was provided to store & link all supporting documents to the corresponding obligation to ensure that the obligation has been met.

    Periodic MIS reports were auto-generated and sent to stakeholders, along with automated expiry and renewal reminders.


    After integrating Volody’s AI CLM, the client witnessed notable improvements:

    1. Streamlined Approval Process: Enhanced efficiency with smooth processes and minimized approval delays.
    2. Audit Trial Maintained: Achieved version control by consolidating all contracts in one accessible repository.
    3. Enhanced Visibility: Easy identification of right signatories for contracts, ensuring clarity in authorization.
    4. Seamless Obligation Management: Timely management of renewals, expiries, & obligations for effective contract oversight.
    5. Well-informed decision-making: This was possible due to auto-generated MIS reports, simplifying the negotiation process and facilitating smooth business transitions.

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