Technology is key to streamline and grow your business. volody products help you achieve higher efficiency, increased revenue and excellent customer satisfaction. Use our software for automating your business. Communicate with your team, customers and manage your business with volody softwares.

All Features

  • Volody CS

    Secretarial Automation Software. India`s first web based software to manage Secretarial assignments using technology. Make Minutes, Agendas, Resolutions, MCA Forms and Registers in few seconds.

  • Volody Compliance

    Cost of compliance is far too cheaper than cost of non-compliance. Let your excel sheet or Finance / Secretarial team manage compliance with cluttered mind. volody Compliance software manage compliances. In built escalation matrix allow non compliance gets upto CEO before its too late.

  • Volody Board Meet

    Board discussions are confidentials. Dont let your office buy accessing Board papers or leaving it to office secretaries to access Board papers. Our software allow Board members to access all Board papers (Notices, Agendas, Resolutions and Mintues) on smart phone, Tablets and Laptops and make the whole Board communication paperless.

  • Volody Contract Manager

    Get control of your contracts with India’s most trusted and easy to use contract management software. With our contract management software digitize your contracts, Get complete list of contracts, assign task, manage workflow etc. Volody’s Contract Management Software helps legal team to achieve corporate goals by accelerating sales cycle and to improve negotiating outcomes.

  • Volody Case Manager

    Litigation Management in India or in any part of the world is an expensive business to begin with, But with the help of volody’s Litigation Management Software you can manage multiple litigations effectively and efficiently, you can choose court type, state, city and attach all case related documents, also know the status of any case from any device, anytime, anywhere. Give Access and assign task to third party associates, paralegal or administrative assistant.

  • Volody ERP

    Missing out on customer deliveries, not able to find employees productivity, forgot invoicing to customers. Buy our ERP and give best experience to your customers, manage your team well and get money for all work you have done. Almost every organization miss out invoicing upto 5% everyone.

  • Volody Law

    Legal Agreement Drafting Software. Grow your business using our software and say yes to all your clients requirment for all kind of agreement drafting. Due Diligence Checklist and manage customer communication with our web based software. Use it anywhere