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Check out how a huge Food & Beverage giant digitized their contracting operations with Volody’s AI CLM tool!

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A leading poultry company overcame contract storage and manual invoicing challenges with Volody’s AI CLM. The platform digitized contracts, ensured secure drafting resulting in improved efficiency, security and seamless integration with accounting systems.

The client experienced a notable shift in contract management, enhancing operational excellence and financial control.

  • Food and Beverage
Digitizing Contracts: A Food & Beverage Sector Success Story

Case Study Highlights

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About the Client

The client is a well-known poultry company that specializes in the production & processing of top-notch poultry products. The client has a firm commitment to delivering safe & nutritious poultry products. They are recognized for their robust distribution network and dedication to supporting the farmers.

Statistics about the Client

  • $ 1.5B+ Net revenue for the fiscal year 2022-2023
  • 39 years of experience in serving the customers & farmers
  • 25,000+ network of poultry farmers with a high production capacity per day
  • 15% of market share in the poultry sector
  • Challenges

    • Contract storage complexity: Managing physical contracts across multiple locations poses retrieval challenges.
    • Low transparency: Tracking unauthorized changes to contract drafts is challenging, raising data integrity concerns.
    • Authentication doubts: Offline signings create doubts about the authenticity of signed contracts.
    • Lack of standardized template: Contract drafts are edited manually, leading to a time-consuming process.
    • Stamp paper procurement hassles: Procuring stamp paper for contracts becomes challenging, adding logistical hurdles to the contract management process.

    Solution Process

    The client, after careful deliberation, partnered with Volody to tackle their contracting challenges. Volody adopted a strategic approach to tackle these issues. These were the steps taken by Volody to supercharge the client’s contracting process:

    Digitizing all contracts, creating a central database with physical file location tags for easy retrieval.

    Password-protected contracts & trackable contract drafts to prevent unauthorized modifications.

    Automated contract drafting based on contracting parties' specifications, reducing manual edits and improving accuracy.

    Automated contract drafting based on contracting parties' specifications, reducing manual edits and improving accuracy.

    Seamless integration with accounting system, automating invoicing, payment terms entry, lease payment scheduling, and vendor management.


    After integrating Volody’s AI CLM, the client witnessed notable improvements:

    • Enhanced Visibility: Improved contract retrieval efficiency, ensuring quick access to all documents.
    • SOC-2 Certified & ISO:27001 Secured: Enhanced contract security features preventing unauthorized modifications, ensuring data integrity and reliability.
    • Transparency in Process: The implementation increased confidence in contract integrity & validity, fostering trust in the overall system.
    • Customizable Templates: Streamlined contract drafting with reduced manual edits, optimizing the process for increased productivity.
    • Invoice Management: Integration with the accounting system facilitated efficient payment management, enhancing overall financial control.

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