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Check out how a huge telecom giant digitized their contracting operations with Volody’s AI CLM tool!

At a Glance

A multinational telecom giant having huge manual contracting operations implemented Volody’s AI CLM. The solution streamlined contract approvals, managed deviations efficiently, and centralized stamp paper procurement across 8 functions.

Integration with a complex IT ecosystem improved operational efficiency, and successful coordination with 8 departments led to a quicker & better contracting cycle.

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Case Study Highlights

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About the Client

The client is a multinational telecom company. It offers a wide range of services including mobile and fixed-line telephony, broadband internet, and digital television. The client has over 300 million mobile customers, and 27 million fixed broadband customers.

Statistics about the Client

  • $53B + Net revenue for the fiscal year 2022-2023
  • 49 years of experience in providing the best network solution
  • 67+ countries: Presence additional corporate clients in over 150+ countries
  • 130,000+ Workforce satisfying all the customers
  • Challenges

    • Poor organizational coordination: Navigating decision-making hurdles in a complex multinational structure.
    • Efficiency-hindering workflows: Delays due to diverse contract approval and signature processes.
    • Stamp paper procurement: Having nationwide operations, procurement of stamp paper was time-consuming.
    • Information vacuum: Struggling to gather crucial data from 20+ interconnected systems into 1 platform.
    • Collaboration issues: With no version control & undefined approval metrics, communication internally was inefficient.

    Solution Process

    The client, after careful deliberation, partnered with Volody to tackle their contracting challenges. Volody adopted a strategic approach, initiating the contracting process nationwide across 8 segments for optimal management. These were the steps taken by Volody to supercharge the client’s contracting process:

    Defined an approval process & customized the workflow for each segment for efficient contract approvals and signatures across segments.

    Easy and intuitive user interface and customizable dashboard along with role & hierarchy-based access Control.

    Overcame PAN India sourcing challenges of stamp papers for 8 different segments.

    Integrated with 20+ surround systems, data lake and in-house CRM reducing data loss & better visibility into contract cycle & vendor performance.

    AI read through 17,000 legacy contracts, obtained sign-offs from various departments & uploaded in a centralized repository increasing contract visibility.


    After incorporating Volody’s AI CLM Software, the client observed the following enhancements:

    • Streamlined contract approval: A streamlined process across various segments and clusters.
    • Contract Review Cycle: Customized workflow reduced The contracting cycle from 90 days to 21 days.
    • Stamp Paper Procurement: Stamp paper procurement was made easier reducing contracting time.
    • Seamless Integration: Integration with 20+ ecosystems, resulting in heightened operational efficiency.
    • Smooth Collaboration: Informed decision-making reducing friction & boosting collaboration across all 8 functions.
    • Ease of Implementation: Timely development and implementation within a few weeks to streamline the process.

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