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How to choose the right CLM software

Here’s a quick on how to evaluate a contract lifecycle management (CLM) software and choose the right one.

How to choose the right CLM software

Are you tired of struggling to manage your contracts efficiently? Contract Lifecycle Management software, a cutting-edge solution that offers workflow automation, integration capabilities, and customizable options, can help you streamline the entire contracting process, from creation and approval to monitoring and compliance. In this blog, we will discuss everything you need to know about CLM software, including its key features and benefits for legal professionals and business stakeholders.

We will also provide a detailed guide on how to evaluate different contract management software options and what makes one stand out from the rest. With our expert guidance, you'll be able to choose the right contract management tool for your business needs and take your contracting process to the next level.

Understanding Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Understanding Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Imagine having a reliable virtual assistant solely dedicated to managing your documents efficiently. That's precisely what CLM software brings to the table. In the world of legal affairs, where agreements rule the roost, contract management software emerges as your trusted companion.

    1. Your Contract Command Center:

    CLM software serves as a hub where all your agreements find a digital home. Instead of shuffling papers or hunting through emails, you can easily locate any agreements with a few clicks. It's like having a super-organized filing cabinet, but way more convenient.

      2. Smart Workflows at Your Service:

      You know those repetitive tasks that make you wish you had a clone? CLM software steps in to handle those for you. From creating agreements to getting approvals, it takes on the heavy lifting. Think of it as your task automator, saving you time and headaches.

        3. Teamwork Made Simple:

        Collaborating on agreements becomes a breeze with contract management software. You and your team can work on documents together, make changes in real-time, and even discuss matters within the software itself. It's like a virtual meeting room tailored for agreements.

          4. Dodging Contractual Hiccups:

          Legal issues can feel like a maze, but contract management software acts as your guide. It has built-in checks that ensure your agreements follow the rules. It's like having a contract watchdog that barks if something doesn't align with the law.

            5. Insightful Dashboard:

            Imagine having a crystal ball that shows you how well your agreements are doing. That's what CLM software's dashboard offers – insights into your contract performance. You can spot trends, see what's working, and make smarter decisions.

              Key Issues that a CLM software Addresses

              Key Issues that a CLM software Addresses

              Contract management demanding situations have plagued agencies for years, main to inefficiencies, delays, and compliance dangers. CLM software addresses those urgent troubles through a variety of answers:

              1. Streamlining Contracting Processes

                • Efficient Creation: Traditional agreement creation involves repetitive drafting obligations. CLM software program offers pre-accredited templates and clause libraries, ensuring accurate and consistent agreements whenever needed.

                • Automated Workflows: Manual workflow and approval approaches are time-consuming. contract management software automates workflows while notifying stakeholders at each stage and decreasing approval cycles.

              2. Ensuring Compliance and Risk

                • Mitigation Visibility and Tracking: Managing agreements manually makes it tough to track key milestones and duties. CLM software program provides a centralized dashboard to reveal settlement progress, making sure of compliance with deadlines.

                • Regulatory Adherence: Legal and regulatory compliance is essential. contract management software program lets you embed compliance requirements into contract templates, minimizing the hazard of non-compliance.

              3. Enhancing Collaboration and Communication

                Collaboration fuels innovation and contract management software fosters seamless teamwork:

                • Collaborative Editing: Collaborative contract editing turns into seamless with contract management software. Multiple stakeholders can work on the identical agreement concurrently, putting off version control troubles.

                • Real-time Updates: Traditional agreement management often entails again-and-forth verbal exchange through emails. CLM software program enables real-time updates and remarks in the platform, decreasing conversation gaps.

              4. Optimizing Renewals and Negotiations

                • Automated Reminders: Missed settlement renewals can bring about revenue loss. CLM software sends automated reminders for settlement renewals, making sure all negotiations are conducted smoothly.

                • Data-pushed Negotiations: CLM software provides insights into past contract performance, empowering negotiators with data-driven insights for future agreements.

              5. Reduced Administrative Costs

                Manual contract management incurs significant administrative costs. With contract management software, you can:

                • Minimize Paper Usage: Move away from printing and filing physical contracts, reducing associated costs. By digitizing contracts, you save on paper, ink, and storage expenses.

                • Efficient Time Utilization: Automation reduces time spent on administrative tasks, enabling resources to be allocated more strategically. Employees can focus on tasks that directly contribute to business growth.

                • Optimized Processes: Streamlined workflows lead to shorter contract cycles, ultimately saving time and money. Efficient processes also mean fewer hours spent on contract-related tasks. By minimizing administrative overhead, your organization can operate more efficiently and allocate resources wisely.

              Who Can Benefit from CLM Software?

              Who Can Benefit from CLM Software?

              Contract Lifecycle Management software is a versatile tool that finds utility across diverse sectors and business sizes. The following groups and individuals can benefit from the implementation of contract management software:

              1. Legal Teams

                • Contract Drafting: Legal teams can leverage CLM software to craft standardized contract templates. This ensures not only compliance with legal requirements but also maintains uniformity in language across agreements.

                • Risk Management: CLM software proves invaluable in identifying potential legal risks. It aids legal professionals in ensuring that agreements align with both legal regulations and internal company policies, reducing exposure to legal complications.

                • Enhanced Review Process: Through automated workflows and collaborative tools, the software simplifies the contract review process. This streamlined approach minimizes delays and enhances the efficiency of the review stage.

              2. Procurement Teams:

                • Vendor Management: CLM software empowers procurement teams to effectively handle vendor agreements. This involves managing contract renewals punctually and ensuring that the negotiated terms are being followed.

                • Cost Management: Monitoring of procurement agreements, allowing for better control over budget & optimizing supplier relationships.

                • Compliance: CLM software ensures that agreements with suppliers align with regulatory and compliance standards. This safeguards the procurement process from legal pitfalls and ensures adherence to required standards.

              3. Sales Teams

                • Accelerated Contract Negotiations: Sales teams can expedite contract negotiations, leading to faster deal closures.

                • Customized Agreements: With CLM software, sales professionals can personalize contract terms to cater to specific client needs, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction.

                • Informed Decision-Making: Through the analysis of contract data, sales teams gain insights into sales trends, facilitating well-informed and strategic decision-making

              4. Finance Teams

                • Invoicing and Payments: CLM software seamlessly integrates with financial systems, enabling precise and punctual invoicing by contract terms.

                • Effective Budget Planning: Financial teams can predict expenses by analyzing contract data, a process that aids in the allocation of budgets and overall financial planning.

                • Invoice Verification: This software plays a pivotal role in verifying that vendor invoices align with the contract terms that were agreed upon, ensuring accuracy and compliance.

              At its core, CLM software serves a wide spectrum of users, spanning from legal experts to finance teams. It achieves this by streamlining contracting procedures, fostering improved collaboration, and ensuring comprehensive compliance throughout. Its versatile characteristics establish it as an essential asset for businesses committed to refining their contract management practices. Volody's CLM tool stands out in the market for its military-grade security measures, including automated back-ups, strong anti-virus & malware protection, and safeguards against unauthorized access.

                Essential Features of Robust CLM Software

                Essential Features of Robust CLM Software

                As legal professionals, we understand the intricacies of contract management like no other. That's why embracing CLM software can be a transformative move for our practices. This digital solution offers a host of benefits that simplify our work, mitigate risks, and enhance collaboration. Let's dive into the advantages in a way that's both legally sound and easy to grasp.

                1. Streamlined Efficiency

                  • Automated Workflows: Imagine agreements moving through their lifecycle seamlessly, thanks to automated processes that handle everything from creation to approval.

                  • Swift Turnaround: CLM software expedites contract cycles, ensuring that deals don't languish in a never-ending loop of edits and reviews.

                  • Consistent Contracts: With predefined templates and clauses, we can guarantee that each contract adheres to our established standards.

                2. Mitigated Risks

                  • Compliance Assurance: CLM software comes equipped with compliance features that keep us on the right side of legal and regulatory requirements.

                  • Risk Assessment: Our software can analyze agreements for potential pitfalls, flagging clauses that might invite legal troubles or liabilities.

                  • Transparent Auditing: We can maintain a thorough history of contract changes and interactions, ensuring accountability and transparency.

                3. Collaborative Excellence

                  • Real-time Collaboration: Collaborative tools within CLM software allow stakeholders to collaborate on agreements in real-time, enabling smoother communication and quicker decision-making.

                  • Seamless Remote Access: Cloud-based solutions break down geographical barriers, letting team members access agreements regardless of location.

                4. Enhanced Insight

                  • Informative Dashboards: CLM software offers customizable dashboards and reports that provide a snapshot of contract status, performance, and imminent milestones.

                  • Data Analysis: By analyzing contract data, we can spot trends, opportunities, and areas for improvement, empowering data-driven decisions.

                5. Alerts & Notifications

                  • Obligation Alerts: Our transition to digital agreements translates to a reduced need for printing and storage, which means less paper waste and cost.

                  • Resource Optimization: Automated workflows and standardized processes require fewer manual resources, optimizing workforce allocation.

                6. Flexibility and Scalability

                  • Tailored Solutions: Our CLM software can be customized to align with our specific practice requirements and industry nuances.

                  • Growing Together: As our practice expands, the software grows with us, accommodating greater contract complexity and volume.

                7. Enhanced Security

                  • Protected Data: CLM software employs robust security measures to safeguard sensitive contract information, minimizing the risk of data breaches.

                  • Controlled Access: Granular access controls ensure that only authorized individuals can access, modify, or approve agreements.

                8. Informed Decision-making

                  • Data Insights: The analysis of contract data offers valuable insights that guide strategic decisions and negotiation tactics.

                  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced CLM software might even offer predictive analytics, giving us the ability to anticipate contract outcomes.

                By incorporating contract management software into our practice, we're essentially equipping ourselves with a strategic ally that enhances our efficiency, minimizes risks, and fosters collaboration. This tool isn't just about administration—it's about elevating our legal practice to new heights.

                  What Makes a CLM Software Stand Out?

                  1. Workflow Automation and Integration Capabilities

                  Seamless integration with existing systems maximizes efficiency, while advanced automation features streamline workflows. Automated contracting processes save time and reduce errors, ensuring smooth collaboration through integrated communication tools. Eliminating manual tasks boosts productivity, offering significant improvements in cost savings.

                  Integrating with top e-sign providers like DocuSign, and AdobeSign and has integration with Salesforce, Hubspot, and other CRM, and ERP systems. It should provide integration with document editing software like Microsoft Word, and Google Docs reducing contract initiation time.

                    2. Scalability and Customization Options

                    Scalable contract management software enables businesses to grow while tailoring it to meet specific needs. Customizable workflows align with unique processes and adapt to changing requirements. Add or remove features as necessary for optimal business value. This customization option enables greater visibility into agreements ensuring end-to-end contract management.

                      3. Central Repository increasing Contract Visibility

                      A centralized repository allows for easy access and organization of all contract-related documents and information. It ensures that agreements are stored securely, searchable, and easily retrievable whenever needed. The contract management software should have a searchable repository that automatically detects metadata from the contract and

                        4. Contract Tracking & Reporting

                        Advanced contract data analytics provide actionable insights and help identify trends, risks, and opportunities. Powerful reporting capabilities enable better decision-making by providing a holistic view of contract performance, key metrics, and potential areas for improvement.

                          5. AI-powered Contract Analysis

                          AI-powered contract analysis tools are revolutionizing the review process by significantly reducing the time and resources required for manual contract review. These tools use advanced algorithms and machine learning to automatically extract relevant information from agreements, such as key dates, clauses, and terms. They can also identify potential risks and issues that require attention, such as non-compliance with regulations or missing clauses.

                          By streamlining the contract review process, these tools not only save time but also improve accuracy and reduce errors. Moreover, they enable legal professionals to focus on higher-value tasks like negotiating terms instead of spending countless hours reviewing agreements manually.

                            Which CLM software is the best for your business?

                            When it comes to selecting the best contract management software for your business, there are several factors to consider. Start by evaluating different options based on your specific requirements. Look for scalability, customization, and integration capabilities. User-friendly interfaces and intuitive features are also important for ease of use. Don't forget to assess the level of customer support and training provided by the software vendor. Lastly, compare pricing models and potential ROI to make an informed decision.

                              Volody's AI CLM Software

                              Harness the power of AI for intelligent contract management. Leverage AI capabilities for contract analysis, risk assessment, and compliance checks. Automate contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes with AI-driven workflows. Benefit from advanced analytics and insights for data-driven decision-making.

                              Volody's AI CLM Software is considered one of the best options for your business. It offers advanced AI capabilities for contract analysis, risk assessment, and compliance checks. It also automates contract creation, negotiation, and approval processes with AI-driven workflows. With its advanced analytics and insights, you can make data-driven decisions. AI-powered contract management features can help enhance contract governance and enforceability. With its advanced technology, it can automate and streamline the entire contract lifecycle, from drafting to signing and renewing.

                              Volody's AI CLM software can also ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements while reducing the risk of errors or oversights. By using Volody's contract management platform, organizations can optimize their contract processes, mitigate risks, and achieve better outcomes.


                                What is contract lifecycle management (CLM) software?

                                CLM software automates the entire contracting process, from creation and negotiation to execution and renewal. It enhances efficiency, accuracy, compliance, and collaboration throughout the contract's lifecycle.

                                  Why use a CLM software?

                                  Utilizing a CLM tool streamlines the contracting process improves compliance, and boosts collaboration among teams. It also provides data-driven insights for informed decision-making and reduces the risk of errors in contracting processes.

                                    How does CLM software boost efficiency?

                                    CLM software automates tasks like document creation, approval workflows, and compliance tracking, reducing manual efforts and accelerating the contracting lifecycle.

                                      Can CLM software adapt to specific business needs?

                                      Yes, contract management software often offers customization options, allowing businesses to align the software with their unique contracting processes.

                                        Is CLM software only suitable for large enterprises?

                                        No, CLM software is beneficial for businesses of all sizes. Small businesses can streamline contract management and reduce compliance risks.

                                          What role do analytics play in CLM software?

                                          Analytics provide insights into contract performance, vendor relationships, and negotiation trends, enabling data-driven decision-making.

                                            Does CLM software support an E-signature platform like DocuSign?

                                            Yes, many contract management software solutions offer integration capabilities, ensuring all your native e-sign providers like Docusign, and AdobeSign are integrated on the platform.

                                              How does CLM software ensure compliance?

                                              CLM software integrates legal and regulatory requirements into the contracting process, automatically flagging potential compliance issues.


                                                In conclusion, choosing the right CLM software is crucial for streamlining your contracting processes and enhancing legal operations. With efficient contract creation and approval, compliance and risk management, and effective contract monitoring, contract management software addresses key issues faced by organizations. Both legal professionals and business stakeholders can benefit from the advantages offered by contract management software, such as improved efficiency and reduced risk. When evaluating your contract management software options, consider essential features like an easy-to-navigate contract library, collaborative contract editing, alerts for contract changes, and electronic signature capabilities. Additionally, look for workflow automation and integration capabilities, scalability, and customization options to ensure the software meets your specific needs. By implementing the right contract management software, you can transform your legal operations, enhance contract visibility and control, and achieve greater efficiency and reduced risk. If you're looking for reliable contract management software, consider Volody's AI CLM Software, which offers advanced features and exceptional support for your business.

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                                                Understand your current contracting bottlenecks & get tailor-made solutions.

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                                                Explore how Volody's AI CLM can supercharge your contracting process.

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