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Check out how a huge pharma giant digitized their contracting operations with Volody’s AI CLM tool!

At a Glance

A leading pharmaceutical chain implemented Volody’s AI CLM software to address manual workflow challenges & contracting inefficiencies. Volody’s centralized repository & automated obligation reminders facilitated efficient contract oversight.

The software’s comprehensive MIS reports empowered stakeholders with enhanced visibility & control, enabling informed decision-making & better operational efficiency.

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Case Study Highlights

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About the Client

With a wide range of offerings, including medications, personal care products, and wellness services, the client ensures that the customers gets everything at one stop. Additionally, the client provides a user-friendly online platform for convenient purchases and home delivery.

Statistics about the Client

  • $150M + Net revenue for the fiscal year 2022-2023
  • 14 years of experience in taking care of the customer’s health
  • 350+ Stores in 204 locations across India with over 3500 workforce
  • 900+ Qualified Pharmacists serving customers 24 hours.
  • Challenges

    • Paperwork Burden: Property documents & legacy contracts managed manually, prone to errors & inefficiency.
    • Escalation Headaches: Difficulty calculating rent escalations & managing lease obligations without proper systems.
    • Cash Flow Chaos: Cash flow management & security deposit refund tracking delayed due to manual methods.
    • Contract Negotiation Complexities: Handling negotiations & maintaining version control presents challenges.
    • License Logistical Lapses: Managing various licenses for each store consumes considerable time & resources.

    Solution Process

    The client, after careful deliberation, partnered with Volody to tackle their contracting challenges. Volody adopted a strategic approach, initiating contracts both at the store & regional levels for optimal management. These were the steps taken by Volody to supercharge the client’s contracting process:

    Keeping all the contracts like leases, property documents, vendor contracts, etc. in a single location, enabling easy access & tracking.

    Volody’s AI automatically assigns obligations to the responsible stakeholder. It sends reminders for rent escalations, ensuring timely payments.

    Store & regional MIS reports including details like existing rent, escalation, refunds, license expirations & renewals.

    The system also tracked trademarks filed by the company and their status, along with details of law firms hired for trademark-related suits.

    Email-based summary reports were sent to top management at regular intervals for contract & license renewals.


    After incorporating Volody’s AI CLM Software, the client observed the following enhancements:

    • Streamlined contract generation: A customizable contract form enabling quick contract generation & boosted negotiations slashing  the turnaround time.
    • Contract Repository: The centralized repository saved resources and boosted accessibility.
    • License Management: Tagging, reminders, & store-specific reports simplified license management.
    • Seamless Collaboration: Streamlined processes fostered seamless collaboration & improved coordination.
    • Trademark Management: Enhanced trademark management tracked details and legal representation seamlessly.
    • Ease of use: The ability to handle diverse contracts flawlessly supported business operations.

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