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Check out how a huge automobile manufacturing giant digitized their contracting operations with Volody’s AI CLM tool!

At a Glance

A leading automotive manufacturer successfully addressed approval delays & manual processes through the adoption of Volody’s AI CLM. Through standardized workflows, digital requisition forms, and collaborative drafting modules, the client was able to significantly streamline its operations & minimize errors.

The tool boosted visibility & with customized MIS reports an efficient contract management was maintained.

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Streamlining Automotive Contracts: A Digital Success

Case Study Highlights

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About the Client

The company is actively involved in the manufacturing, assembly and distribution of automotive components, accessories. Overall, the company’s dedication to quality, innovation, & customer satisfaction has made it a trusted partner for industries relying on reliable and efficient machinery performance.

Statistics about the Client

  • $2.53 B+ Net revenue for the fiscal year 2022-2023
  • 116 years of experience in delivering the best results
  • 240+ patent applications and more than 256 invention disclosures
  • 42,000+ Qualified employees ensuring complete customer satisfaction
  • Challenges

    • Approval Confusion: The undefined process caused delays and confusion in obtaining necessary approvals.
    • Signature Hassles: Reliance on physical signatures led to difficulties in accessing and retrieving contracts.
    • Tracking Absence: No system for contract tracking resulted in potential missed deadlines for renewals and expirations.
    • Error-Prone Reports: The manual creation of reports from dispersed data increased the risk of errors.
    • Collaboration Friction: Incomplete information caused frequent exchanges between legal & business departments.

    Solution Process

    The client, after careful deliberation, partnered with Volody to tackle their contracting challenges. Volody adopted a strategic approach to tackle these issues. These were the steps taken by Volody to supercharge the client’s contracting process:

    Implementation of a standardized workflow for each contract type, simplifying the approval & signature process.

    Incorporation of contract requisition forms to gather all the information from the business team during contract initiation.

    Legacy contracts were scanned & uploaded into a centralized repository with proper indexing.

    Online collaborative drafting & negotiation, storing all versions & changes in a trackable manner.

    Created customized MIS reports & dashboards based on user roles, along with preset reminders for contract expiry and termination.


    After integrating Volody’s AI CLM, the client witnessed notable improvements:

    • Reduced Confusion: Streamlined approval process and clear signature rules reduced confusion & delays.
    • Central Repository: Efficient digital contract storage and retrieval improved accessibility & efficiency.
    • Transparency in Process: Effective tracking system minimized missed contract renewal and expiration dates.
    • Customizable MIS Reports: Accurate reports are generated seamlessly, reducing errors and saving time.
    • Seamless Collaboration: Enhanced collaboration & reduced friction between legal and business.
    • Maintained Audit Trail: Improved contract version management simplified tasks for the legal team.

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