Automation of Legal Drafting of Agreements

  Legal Agreements are written documents between two or more parties wherein one or more parties agree to do something

Automation of Legal Drafting of Agreements

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Legal Agreements are written documents between two or more parties wherein one or more parties agree to do something in consideration provided by the other party. In all spheres of business, Making Legal Agreements is the most common, yet necessary thing.

According to Wikipedia, “Document automation (also known as document assembly) is the design of systems and workflows that assist in the creation of electronic documents.”  There are specialized softwares to do this task logically. There are pre-existing templates for different kinds of documents, which assemble the variable text provided, in the correct form to create separate, innovative documents. Legal Agreement Automation by legal software requires the entering of certain requisite data and sets the data in a logical, organized manner.

Various kinds of Legal Agreements include:

  1. Memorandum of Understanding
  2. Non-Disclosure Agreement
  3. Co-Founder Agreement
  4. Share-Holder Agreement
  5. Will Preparation
  6. Partnership Deed
  7. Non-Complete Agreement
  8. Joint Venture Agreement
  9. Franchise Agreement
  10. Service Level Agreement, etc.


The need for Automation of legal drafting of agreements arose due to heavy paperwork, an increase in sizes of businesses, and an increase in the size of legislation leading to more and more documentation.

With time, the need for developing software was realized seeing the extensive requirement of legal documents. Besides that, the following benefits of Legal Agreement Automation with legal software were realized:

  • Reduce Delays:

The time spent on data entering for complete documents, proofreading every word, and the creation of umpteen numbers of Legal Agreements causes delays. Our software for automation eliminates all of these shortcomings to reduce the time spent on making documents.

  • Reduce Costs:

The cost will be reduced due to decreased paper handling, document loading, storage, distribution, postage/shipping, faxes, telephone, labor, and waste. The cost paid to lawyers for these documents shall also be eliminated.

  • Reduce Risks

Automation reduces risk as documents are created in the set format of pre-existing contracts, thus, not missing out on any intricate detail.

  • Error Check

Any errors in entering wrongful data can be brought out by the legal software if it doesn’t fit its automation process. This helps to check on the errors in the data and ensures documents are created accurately.

Why choose Volody?

Drafting Legal documents
Drafting Legal documents

At, We have categorized the Automation of Legal Agreements accordingly into:

  • Business Agreements
  • Employment Agreement
  • Lease Agreements
  • Vendor Agreements
  • StartUp Funding Agreements
  • House Hold Agreement
  • Marketing Agreements

We shall give you a gist of all the features we provide:

  • Compatible

Unlike Government Software, this legal software is compatible with other systems and thus, helps in smooth working.

  • Best customer support

If you’re stuck up or facing any technical glitch, you’ve an active customer support, take for instance. At, in case of any queries or problem, you can call on +91 8080809301 or email at

  • User friendly software

Legal Software is easily accessible. It requires few basic details and has easy-to-edit options. Follow this link to learn more about How to use the software;

  • Use of the latest technology

Legal Software uses the latest technology, unlike some Government software which remains outdated leading to wasteful time-consumption.

  • Automatic update

The legal software gets updated to its latest version automatically. So any new change in the method of drafting can be updated on the software, which would eventually lead to Updated documents.

  • Automatic data back-up

Data is backed up automatically easing the process for future years plus maintenance of proper records leading to less paper use.

  • Help to keep a proper database

A proper database of all years’ data can be maintained through this legal softwares leading to convenience for future filings.

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Besides the above-mentioned advantages, our legal Software comes with an easy-to-use approach and with simplified English which allows any user to draft agreements smoothly. It also offers the convenience to its users to use legal software from any place by using any mobile device like laptops, mobile phones, etc thereby maximizing the customer satisfaction level. This legal software promises significant savings in time even if you have been using any existing legal software.

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