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Volody Contract Lifecycle Management

Automate your contract management with data-driven solutions

Here’s what Volody CLM can do for you.

  • Create, edit, negotiate, sign, renew and manage all agreements in one secure place
  • Collaborate with your teams, customers, and vendors
  • Cancel anytime, completely transparent, 100% secure and encrypted
  • Take control of your contract's financial health
  • Get started in minutes!

Create, edit, negotiate, sign, renew and manage all agreements in one secure place

Volody CLM is the only tool you need for all your contracts. Spend less time shuffling between applications, editors, and e-signature tools and save money.

  • Draft and negotiate in real-time with online editing cutting out redundant activities like downloading, re-uploading, and emailing back-and-forth.
  • Sign, store, and manage all your contracts with unlimited e-signatures and storage. Volody CLM works with any type of contract which will help you save time and cost.
  • Automate workflows and generate custom reports by routing concerned document to the assigned person for approval and build reports to compare the terms of thousands of contracts in a matter of few minutes.

Collaborate with your teams, customers, and vendors

Volody CLM lets you collaborate with anyone in your organization and negotiate with any third party, while saving time and ensuring compliance.

  • Work with all your teams, be it legal, sales, procurement, HR, finance, or marketing.
  • Volody CLM grants free access to all your vendors, customers, and employees to review, edit, and sign your documents.

Get started in minutes

Volody CLM helps you improves your processes effortlessly and quickly.

  • Quickly set-up all your teams and start enjoying Volody’s user friendly interface. Spend less time waiting to implement and streamline your processes from the very first day.
  • Volody CLM is an easy to use and cloud based solution which you can access with a web browser from anywhere instantly
  • Optimize the performance of contract processes with status tracking and KPIs
  • No need to install complicated programs

Simplify contract managment

Streamline and automate all phases of your contract lifecycle on an AI-powered data-driven integrated platform through real-time contract intelligence enabling seamless collaboration and monitoring across the entire contract lifecycle.

  • Gain absolute visibility into your contract portfolio while managing risk and compliance
  • Track renewals and manage obligations to deliver high performance

Accelerate    Automate    Achieve

Easy, safe & faster deployment Volody Contract Management Software makes you ready to go with an immediate installation with on-cloud & on-premise models.
Solution for all types of contracts Volody Contract Management Software is a comprehensive solution- Ideal for both Buy-side and Sell-side contracts allowing businesses to negotiate best terms for all type of contracts.
Intelligent Contract creation Volody Contract Management Software intelligently automates contract drafting and allows users to smartly create contracts by answering basic questions and key terms of contracts.
Risk Management Data Science & Machine learning-driven models ensure that users are given alerts with possible risks in the contracts ensuring risk reduction.
One-click access Dashboard Volody Contract Management Software gives role-based dashboards allowing the user to see only what they should be seeing.
Smart Centralized repository Centralized digital storage and access to all contracts from anywhere and from any device to search and retrieve all the information.
Intelligent approval matrix Every contract requires certain approval before signing be it regarding pricing, commitment, requirement or budget, Volody Software is designed to understand the business internal approval matrix and adopt to it.
Clause Library Standardized clause library allows businesses and legal team to make changes to the contract without involving GCs, hence reducing the time in contract drafting and saving money.
Audit Trail, Version control & compare documents Volody LifeCycle Contract Management Software instantly updates the audit trail for all contracts based on all actions, creates multiple negotiated versions and allows users to compare two documents.
Digital Signature A contract gets completed only after the signature, Volody enables the signing of contracts digitally using legally authorized digital channels like DocuSign, Adobe Signer, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC dully approved by CCA-India) or Aadhar OTP method (for India customers).
Legacy contracts digitization Volody Contract LifeCycle Management Software uses data science & machine learning tools and automatically create metadata for all contracts based on pre-defined models.
Communication with stakeholders Volody Contract Management has an inbuilt feature to communicate with all the internal & external stakeholders to share documents & notes and integrates with your email system which allows users to send & receive email notifications.


After my trial account expires, can I transition to a paid subscription or do

Yes. You can proceed with the paid subscription through the same account

How do I subscribe to a Volody Enterprise package?

You can drop your phone number and official email address and our sales team will reach out to you as soon as possible

Can I subscribe from outside of the US?

Yes. The subscription can be purchased from anywhere

What happens to my data if I want to discontinue the service?

You can extract your data in excel, word and pdf format once you discontinue the service.

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