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Contract Management Software

Artificial Intelligence enabled Volody Contract Management Software to help businesses digitize & automate their legal agreements drafting, negotiations, approval, signing, and management.

Volody Contract Management Software enables businesses to go live in flat 7 days and build a personalized platform for agreement templates, clause library, approval flows, user access rights, digital signing and management of executed contracts.

Integrated with office system, email system, CRM and ERP system Volody Contract Management Software becomes an integral part of your business Responsive to all devices, Volody Contract Management also available on safe & secure iOS App

Every business without a smart Contract Management solution grapples with

Manual Drafting

Contracts drafting endlessly interrupting business & delaying revenue

Physical Storage

Contracts stored in scan or PDF using traditional DMS no digital access to contract clauses

Missing database

Missing database of all contracts & missing out renewals & negotiation powers

Erratic Processes

Erratic contract drafting flow from businesses with no accountability and limited tracking

Difficult to access

Access to signed contracts a big challenge delaying actions for smooth operations

Smart Contract System

Looking out for Contract LifeCycle Management but digitizing plethora of legacy contracts bothering you

Digitize your contract drafting, contract creation, execution & signing with Volody Enterprise Contract LifeCycle Management Software

  • Easy, safe & faster deploymentVolody Contract Management Software makes you ready to go with an immediate installation with on-cloud & on-premise models. Passing all Vulnerability Assessment & Penetration Testing (VAPT) criteria.Volody Contract Management integration feature of active directory, office emails, and Microsoft SharePoint makes software enterprise-wide acceptable, safe, secure and personalized.
  • Solution for all types of contractsVolody Contract Management Software is a comprehensive solution- Ideal for both Buy-side and Sell-side contracts allowing businesses to negotiate best terms for all type of contracts. Use Volody`s buy-side contract solution features to improve your procurement process and sell-side solution to maximize efficiency. Volody Contract Management Software is truly procurement contract management software.
  • Intelligent Contract creationVolody Contract Management Software intelligently automates contract drafting and allows users to smartly create contracts by answering basic questions and key terms of contracts. It avoids the mundane job of working on repeated contract drafts all the time. Also, it`s AI and machine learning-enabled risk management features help to give alert for contracts having riskier clauses.
  • Risk ManagementData Science & Machine learning-driven models ensure that users are given alerts with possible risks in the contracts. Obligation & Compliance management feature allows businesses to prepare Obligation & Compliance Task Management report and ensure that all obligations and compliances are adhered to & complied with on or before time.
  • One-click access DashboardVolody Contract Management Software gives role-based dashboards allowing the user to see what they should be seeing. Your landing screen gives you access to all Customer contracts, Vendor Contracts, Expiries, Renewals, Compliances, Contracts under discussion, contracts under approvals all MIS readily available, Obligations, Approvals status, etc.
  • Smart Centralized repositoryCentralized digital storage and access to all contract anywhere from any device. Now access, search and retrieve all your contracts content including clauses with ease. User-based access feature gives restricted access to Contracts. A centralized contract repository ensures all the contract related information is readily available in a single portal.
  • Intelligent approval matrixEvery contract requires certain approval before signing be it regarding pricing, commitment, requirement or budget. Volody Contract LifeCycle Management Software is designed to understand business’s internal approval matrix and adopt to make sure all contracts are approved before execution. The approval matrix can be changed within the software without reaching out to Volody.
  • Clause LibraryEvery agreement requires various clauses to protect the interests of all parties. General Counsels & Business Users also look for alternate clauses to make the agreements tight. Standardized clause library allows businesses and legal team to make changes to the contract without involving GCs, hence reducing the time in contract drafting and saving money.
  • Audit Trail, Version control & compare documentsVolody LifeCycle Contract Management Software instantly update audit trail for all contracts based on all actions, creates multiple negotiation versions and allows users to compare two documents to ensure there is nothing fall through the cracks and there is complete information about all actions as an audit trail.
  • Digital SignatureA contract gets completed only after the signature. Volody enables the signing of contracts digitally using legally authorized digital channels like DocuSign, Adobe Signer, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC dully approved by CCA-India) or Aadhar OTP method (for India customers) and reduces the pain of taking printouts, sending documents physically for signatures of all parties concerned.
  • Legacy contracts digitizationBusinesses & General Counsel’s takes a longer time to decide on selecting Contract LifeCycle Management System implementation partner due to lack of support for legacy contracts. Volody Contract LifeCycle Management Software uses data science & machine learning tools and automatically creates metadata for all contracts based on pre-defined models.
  • Communication with stakeholdersVolody Contract Management has an inbuilt feature to communicate with all the internal & external stakeholders to share documents & notes. Volody Contract Management integrates with your email system and allows users to send & receive email notifications and communicate with other members of the company and people outside the organization smoothly.

Why Choose Volody?

Smart integrated DIY features to make Contract LifeCycle Management System usable as per your specific needs
Volody ensures guaranteed 7 days go-live promise with easy access on all devices
AI enabled smart Contract LifeCycle Management System solution including features like risk matrix & obligation management
Machine learning based algorithms for onboarding of legacy contracts

Why do you need Volody Contract LifeCycle Management System

Benefits of Volody Contract LifeCycle Management System

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