Expansion in terms of geographies and functions, has necessitated the corporates to comply with multiple regulations. It requires systematic approach and co-ordination among functional departments, to avoid any material noncompliance. Nevertheless, some corporates perceive legal compliance, substantive and procedural, as mundane activity involving costs and fail to realize the cost of non compliance that may have an irreversible negative impact on the reputation of business.


Get comprehensive picture of your compliances which are upcoming, inprocess, pending and completed

Get Event Reminders

Set event reminders for your team mates & get notified on your registered email in advance.

Get Escalation Matrix

Create workflow of escalation matrix. get compliance notification according to the defined escalation matrix.

    Why Volody's Compliance Management Software

  • Escalation Matrix

    Create workflow department wise through escalation matrix. User will get the notification and reminder through mails. It will ensure that unresolved problems don't linger and issues are promptly addressed. This helps in appropriate actions, such as a change of status of project or a notification to a project member.

  • Compliance dashboard

    It is a single enterprise-wide dashboard for all users to track and trend compliance events. Here you can view complete department wise status of your compliance which are upcoming, not completed, completed in time and completed with delay.This centralised mechanism of tracking and monitoring compliance helps in effective co-ordination of different business units. Compliance Dashboard alerts the company in the risk prone areas or non- compliances.

  • Compliance Calendar

    “Safety valve against unintended non compliances” Compliance calendar display the compliance obligations on the compliance calendar. It displays all the upcoming events which will occur in that period, so that no upcoming events are missed and insures timely compliance of the same by the particular department responsible for it and also reflect the status of Compliance.

  • Plan your events

    Plan your events so that all the compliance is done within time and helps to avoid unintended noncompliance. Complete picture of compliance to be done is available. It also provides you status of compliance and also update the person responsible for through notification regarding compliance. Also provides you facility to upload all the event and due date which you need to comply so that you can get a complete picture of compliance applicable.

  • Compliances Under Various Acts

    “We insure proper system is provided to ensure compliance with the provisions of all applicable laws.” It provides complete list of all the compliance to be done by company under different acts, so that no events are missed. All the procedures and due date are provided so that it would be easy to plan the process and comply it. It helps to periodically review compliance pertaining to all laws applicable to the entity as well as steps to be taken by the entity to comply with all the provisions of the law as applicable and to avoid instances of non-compliances.

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