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Powerful and easy to use Company secretary Software

Preparation of Corporate Records (Minutes, Agenda & Notices)

Auto Preparation of Statutory Registers

Access to all important regulations, acts & rules

Repository of all documents & forms

Secretarial software to manage your work effortlessly

Volody Secretarial software or ROC software is a cloud based software that helps you to prepare your resolution, agenda and minute in a click, get Automatically filled ROC forms, get a list of compliance and reminders.

Auto linked Registers, ROC Forms and Share Certificates

Get your resolutions and minutes auto linked to statutory registers, ROC forms and Share Certificates.

Why switch to Volody ROC software

  • Tracking signed documents

    Maintain agenda, resolution, minutes, forms and registers in a software to keep a track of documents pending to be signed.

  • Reminders

    Use Compliance Management Software and get reminders for upcoming compliance before the due date.

  • Attendance Slip

    Track directors and members who have signed attendance slips. Get a pre filled list of directors from MCA database.

  • Intelligent Software

    Inbuilt business logics for related party transaction alert, gap between board meetings/AGMs, committees applicable according to threshold

  • Templates

    More than 200 templates of resolutions. Ready template for Director's report, secretarial audit report and share certificates.

  • Reference material

    Get a list of secretarial steps for all the corporate actions. No need to refer to big and complicated law books.

Looking to automate your secretarial work.

Know how volody can help?