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AI enabled Contract LifeCycle Management Software

CLM for Enterprises

Simplify contracting by automating contract processes, expediting legal approval time and uncovering deep insights to mitigate risk and ensure compliance, thereby creating smarter contracts on a single CLM platform that your organization’s legal teams find easy to use.

Create Smarter Contracts

Utilize historical data and pre-approved templates and clause libraries to author new agreements in minutes. Our AI driven CLM digitize and analyze legacy contracts to retrieve insights to accelerate legal draft reviews, determine hidden risks, negotiate, and manage contract performance.

Save time

Digitize and expedite draft reviews, approvals, and execution through customizable workflows and integration with leading e-signature tools.

Minimize Risk and Ensure Compliance

Analyze contract drafts and paperwork to highlight missing or risky clauses, deviations from company-preferred positions, and more.

Get absolute transparency

Gain access to on-cloud centralized repository you can search for, recover, and audit contracts across your portfolio at any given time and from anywhere driving transparency and trust.

No code implementation

Our CLM enables customers to quickly customize workflows, dashboards, and forms using Volody CLM AI enabled platform without any need for custom coding.

CLM for Law Firms

Artificial intelligence definitely a must have feature for modern contract life cycle management tools. The more serious a legal firm becomes about automating its contract lifecycle for data-driven insights, the more difficult it will be for the competition to stay in the race. Here’s where Volody CLM comes in to simplify your work.

Drafting contracts seamlessly in MS Word

Utilize historical data, pre-approved templates and clause libraries to author new agreements in minutes. Our AI driven CLM generates the contract document which includes all clauses, terms and conditions, analyze legacy contracts to retrieve insights, determine hidden risks, negotiate, and manage contract performance.


Customer access & database management

Your customers needs a comfort that their contracts being managed using best technology and are being stored ensuring confidentiality. Volody CLM enables storage of your customer data with complete privacy and enabling your customers to access their contracts by click of button

Central repository

Keep all your contracts in a single, secure and sophisticated contract repository.

Search and retrieval of information (OCR)

Gain access to a secure on-cloud centralized repository where you can search, recover, and audit contracts/contract content across your portfolio at any given time and from anywhere driving transparency and trust.

Secure and encrypted storage of the confidential contract data

Once the contract document is signed it is stored permanently in an easy to retrieve contract database. Both contractual meta data and documents are indexed and saved for future reference.

CLM for SME’s

If you are a business owner looking for ways to access seamless contract drafting, negotiation & signing platform, Volody CLM is for you, we have a platform designed specifically for your needs. Sign-up with Volody to use our features for contract extration, storing & managing.

Centralized Obligations management

Managing obligations can be a tedious task when trying to uncover and track them at scale. Having a centralized and effective contract obligation management is important for managing a high volume of contracts to ensure you meet and track the contractual obligations

Tracking expiry/renewal on a centralized dashboard

When contracts are not reviewed timely for renewal or cancellation, it has adverse effects on the business which might increase costs or result in significant financial loss. Leveraging Volody CLM, you can seamlessly track the expiry/renewal on a centralized dashboard.

Standardized contract repository access

With a centralized sophisticated repository offered by Volody CLM, the contract manager can easily build, store, manage, sort, and execute contracts in a single and secure location.

Create contracts though chatbot

An inbuilt chatbot or conversational AI lets the non-technical users to generate a smart contract in a step by step and interactive manner for modeling and developing contracts.

CLM for Individuals

If you are an individual wanting to create contracts effortlessly and are struggling with cost, time and resources, then we have a seamless and cost-efficient solution for you.

Standardized contracts repository access

Having a standardized and centralized document repository which acts as your virtual drive, helps you securely store and protect your corporate assets at any given time.

Securely store contracts

You can securely store your sensitive intellectual property in the centralized document repository

Go paperless with digital signature

Our CLM enables you to virtually sign and send any document in minutes. It expedites the manual process of printing, obtaining physical signatures, scanning and routing the document to all the parties involved.

Create your account and create contracts immediately

Volody CLM is an easy to use and cloud based solution which you can access with a web browser from anywhere instantly without spending much time on installation.

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