Intelligent Software to Manage Your Meeting Effortlessly

Volody Board Meet Software lets your Board Members free from the papers of Board Meeting Discussions. With significant responsibilities on Board Members to protect critical/confidential information of the company, corporates should opt for technology and digital solutions for Board meeting discussion.

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  • Effortless Meeting Preparation

    Plan and prepare board documents and communicate resolutions at a fraction of the time with our easy-to-use software.

  • Interactive Dashboard along with Meeting reminders

    Get all key information of past and future meetings. Never miss on any board meetings. Get all reminders on email.

  • Facility to Edit Documents and Give Comments

    Facility to view, edit and comment on meeting records within the software received from company secretary

  • Maintain confidentiality of your meetings

    Don’t let your sensitive confidential meeting records to go into hands of unwanted person. Keep all data on the application and go paperless.

  • Anywhere Anytime Access

    Gone are the days when you needed to search for meeting records in hard files or on your email. Access board documents from anywhere, anytime and any device in our software itself. Get all documents in sorted indexed format making it easy to search any document.

  • Access and Rules

    Set the access level for users and grant them privileges based on their role in your organization. Out software takes care of everyone from staff members, board members, non-board committee members and any third party users.

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