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Contracts are vital for businesses because they establish the rules that everyone must abide by to ensure fairness. However, crafting them can be challenging and time-consuming. In today’s business landscape, simplifying the process of creating contracts is crucial. From requesting a contract to ensuring accuracy in every detail, it can be quite burdensome. Thankfully, legal teams can utilize automation to streamline this process. With Contract Generation automation, creating contracts becomes quicker and more efficient. It eliminates the need to repeatedly start from scratch or replicate old versions, making the entire process smoother and more manageable.

What is a Contract?

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more parties that establishes the rights and obligations of each party. It can be in the form of a written document or an oral agreement, although written contracts are generally preferred as they provide a clear record of the terms and conditions agreed upon.

When you write down agreements, they’re usually easier to prove in court because you have physical evidence of what everyone agreed to. But when agreements are just spoken, it can be harder to enforce them because people might not remember or might not tell the truth about what was agreed.

So, it’s best to write everything down in a contract to make sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, and there are fewer arguments later on.

Importance of Contracts in Business

Contracts play a vital role in business, regardless of the size or industry. For small business owners, in particular, contracts are essential for protecting their interests and minimizing the risk of disputes or legal issues. A well-drafted contract can provide clarity regarding the scope of work, payment terms, and other crucial aspects of the business relationship.

Having a written contract makes sure everyone knows what they’re supposed to do, which helps prevent arguments. If there is a problem, the contract can be used as proof in court to solve the issue. This helps protect the business owner and makes sure everyone follows the rules. By having solid contracts in place, small business owners can establish trust, maintain professional relationships, and mitigate risks.

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Generating Contract: The Automated Approach

Generating Contract : The Automated Approach
Generating Contract : The Automated Approach

Contract Lifecycle Management software revolutionizes the contract creation process by automating its entirety. This innovative software eliminates the need for traditional paper contracts and labor-intensive manual procedures, replacing them with streamlined digital contracts and automated workflows. This modern approach to contract creation not only accelerates the process but also enhances efficiency and precision compared to manual methods.

How CLM software automates contract creation:

Template-Based Creation: CLM software provides ready-made templates and sections for various types of contracts, such as sales deals, service agreements, or confidentiality contracts.

This means users can easily select the appropriate template they need, saving time and ensuring consistency in how contracts are structured and what they contain. With these templates, users don’t have to start from scratch every time they create a contract, making the process more efficient and standardized.

  • Electronic Forms: Instead of typing all the contract details by hand, users can fill in the basic information using easy online forms. These forms guide users through the contract creation process, prompting them to fill in relevant details such as names, dates, and terms. This reduces the likelihood of errors and speeds up the initial drafting phase.
  • Automated Editing: During negotiations or revisions, CLM software tracks changes made to the contract automatically. This includes additions, deletions, and modifications to clauses or terms. The software keeps a full record of all changes made, so users can see how the contract has changed over time. This helps everyone see what’s been decided and keeps the process fair.
  • Electronic Routing: After the first version of the contract is ready, the CLM software sends it to the right people for checking and approval. It figures out who needs to see it based on their job, making sure it goes through the steps quickly. It can also send reminders to people who need to look at it, so things keep moving smoothly.
  • Centralized Storage: All contracts created using CLM software are stored in a centralized digital repository. This place keeps contract papers safe and neat. It’s easy to find and get contracts when you need them. Users can quickly locate specific contracts based on criteria such as contract type, counterparty, or expiration date.
  • Renewal Notifications: The CLM software can also help with renewing contracts. It can send reminders when contracts are about to end, so people can talk about renewing or changing them if needed. This helps keep business relationships going and makes sure contracts don’t end unexpectedly.

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Advantages of using Contract Generation Software

Advantage of using Contract Generation software
Advantages of using Contract Generation Software

Time-Saving Efficiency:

Contract generation software simplifies contract creation by providing access to pre-approved templates, reducing manual drafting time. By enabling commercial users to bypass legal approval and initiate contracts independently, bottlenecks are minimized, leading to faster turnaround times and accelerated revenue generation.

Enhanced Compliance and Risk Mitigation:

Contract generation software significantly reduces the risk of errors in contract drafting by automating the process, ensuring contracts are accurate and complete. Utilizing standardized templates promotes consistency across contracts, mitigating compliance risks stemming from inconsistent language or clauses. Additionally, real-time guidance tools such as contextual Q&A chatbots aid users in navigating legal complexities, guaranteeing adherence to regulatory requirements and internal policies.

Boosted Operational Efficiency:

Contract generation software revolutionizes contract management by automating repetitive tasks, liberating time for legal and commercial teams. It ensures scalability, allowing organizations to efficiently handle growing contract volumes without adding to administrative burdens. This optimization of resources allows legal teams to redirect efforts towards impactful initiatives rather than routine tasks, fostering greater efficiency and productivity across the organization.

Empowerment of Sales and Legal Teams:

Contract generation software empowers sales teams by accelerating contract processing, enabling quicker deal closures, enhancing revenue generation and customer satisfaction. Legal professionals can focus on important projects by using the software to handle routine tasks automatically.

This gives them more time and resources to work on things like managing risks and coming up with new legal ideas. Also, the software helps legal and commercial teams work together better. They can agree on the terms of contracts and negotiate with customers and partners more easily. This leads to better results and makes everything run more smoothly.

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Effective Ways to Generate Contracts (With Volody)

Effective Ways to Generate Contracts ( With Volody )
Effective Ways to Generate Contracts ( With Volody )

Volody’s AI contract management software revolutionizes contract drafting by automating the process, saving time, and ensuring compliance. With legal-approved templates and configurable options, businesses can draft contracts in seconds, significantly reducing the contracting cycle.

The software empowers sales and business teams to generate contracts effortlessly, even on the go, with customizable templates and pre-approved clause libraries. Seamless integrations with various tools like ERPs and CRMs streamline contract creation and execution, facilitating smooth collaboration across all relevant stakeholders.

By leveraging AI and ML technology, Volody’s CLM software helps companies stay ahead of risks and obligations, ensuring the inclusion of company-favorable terms and clauses while maintaining compliance standards.

With fast-track contract creation and execution, businesses can improve operational efficiency and standardize contract language, ultimately enhancing overall productivity.

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Contract Management Software Features

  • Contract Approval Workflow: Configure drag & drop contract approval workflows with Volody AI contract management software’s user-friendly software. Accelerate contract approvals by triggering automated reminders & reduce your contract turnaround time.
  • Automate Contract Drafting: Use Volody AI contract management software’s self-service forms to draft new compliant contracts in seconds with legally approved clauses, expediting the contracting cycle & improving operational efficiency.
  • Obligation Management: Transform your obligations with visually rich dashboards to monitor all milestones or deliverables with Volody’s AI contract management software. Improve business performance & maximize value.
  • Dashboard & Reporting: Keep track of all your contracts and create custom MIS reports using Volody AI contract management software’s user-friendly dashboard. Create customized views for the data you want to track and have an overview of all your contracts.
  • Stronger Contracts: Draft water-tight contracts using Volody’s AI contract management software to protect your organization from any unnecessary risk while maintaining version history & audit trail for all contracts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I ensure my contract is legally enforceable?

By ensuring clear terms, meeting legal requirements, and having all parties sign the contract, you can make sure your contract is legally enforceable. Seeking legal advice can also help verify its validity.

Can I create a contract without a lawyer’s help?

Yes, you can create a contract without a lawyer’s help by utilizing template-based contracts, contract management software, or legal expertise. However, it’s advisable to consult a lawyer for complex needs to ensure legality and protection.


In conclusion, generating contracts is a crucial aspect of business operations that requires attention to detail and legal compliance. Understanding the basics, incorporating essential elements, and following best practices are key to creating effective contracts. By leveraging contract management software, templates, legal expertise, and automation, businesses can streamline the contract generation process.

Avoiding common mistakes and addressing frequently asked questions ensure clarity and enforceability. Remember, contracts protect all parties involved and set the foundation for successful business relationships. Adhering to these principles will help you navigate the complexities of contract generation with confidence and efficiency.

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