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Litigation Management


Litigation Management in India or any part of the world is an expensive business to begin with, but with the help of Volody’s Litigation Management Software you can manage multiple litigations effectively and efficiently. You can choose court type, state, city and attach all case- related documents, also know the status of any case from any device, anytime, anywhere. Give access and assign a task to third party associates, paralegal or administrative assistant. Our Litigation Management Software tracks cases from across all locations.


Get crisp summary of ongoing and closed litigations / cases team member wise, status wise (open/closed) and Statewise. Also get calendar with dates locked for hearings.

Hearing Reminders

Never miss any hearing by getting email and in the software reminder for upcoming hearings.


Case Tracking

A platform from which case statistics can be easily compiled. Get reports easily generated. Prevents cases from slipping through the cracks, and ensures that each case is moving toward completion. Users can quickly retrieve, review case information.


Get crisp summary of litigations (ongoing, closed, open, lost) Cases team member wise, status wise (open/closed) and state wise. Also get calendar with dates and details for hearingsGet details of upcoming hearings

Case hearing date reminders

Every legal professional knows how important deadlines are in their line of work. System generates auto reminders for all the important dates and deadlines. Also receive reminders in emails and task alerts.

Centralized Repository

No need to maintain log of the participants attending the meeting. Simply prepare attendance sheet from the software. Also e-voting feature is available.

Case Calendar

It displays all the upcoming events which will occur in that period, so that no upcoming events are missed. Also reflect the status and details of litigation.

Add Notice

Add all the notices sent or received from parties in the Software and take actions before they turns into litigation.


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