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Logistic & Supply Chain

Logistic and supply chain businesses rely largely on outsourcing of core business functions to control costs and gather efficiencies in a highly fragmented domain. Most organizations lack the right set of technologies to enable transparency, enhance collaboration across business functions, and bring discipline to the contracting practice to ensure regulatory compliance with global and local regulations such as C-TPAT, UCC, SOLAS, Incoterms, Federal Commission Maritime Ruling, and more.

Volody CLM accelerates how several functions across the organization collaborate on a single platform to create smarter contracts that ensure better business outcomes and superior customer service. Our technology enables transportation and logistics companies to gain visibility into and control their expansive, multi- sourcing spend portfolio as well as sell-side engagements. Our platform enables management of multi-decade contracts with complex purchase terms, rate cards, and interlinked MRO obligations, milestones, expiration and renewal dates, service levels and amendment audit trails.

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