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What is Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution?

Artificial Intelligence enabled Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution is first of its kind product helping banking & financial services worldwide to speed up the Contract Discovery, Re-writing, Amendment and Execution of Contracts getting impacted by the departure of LIBOR starting Dec 2021. LIBOR transition is one of the unique situation like Y2K impacting the banking world forcing to re-write, amend hundreds of millions legal contracts worth $ 400 trillion. It’s naïve to believe that it’s easy and enough time in hand to complete this transition.

LIBOR Whitepaper by Volody


Challenges in discontinuing LIBOR

  • Hundreds of millions contracts are at risk if not re-written or amended in coming months.
  • LIBOR clauses discovery is biggest challenge.
  • Contracts in different form & shape across geographies and business units requires holistic solution.
  • Time is running out, any delay may cost millions in lawsuits.
  • Digitization is the single biggest trend affecting every business worldwide.
  • Covid has already delayed the execution by 9 months with no visibility.

Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution enables businesses to go live in flat 7 days and build a personalized platform for agreement templates, addendum, clause library, approval flows, user access rights, digital signing and management of executed contracts.


As CEOs, CFOs, General Counsels & Business Managers you are looking for holistic solution with machine learning, RPA & Artificial Intelligence capabilities. Volody CLM – LIBOR Transition comes with excellent features:

  • Bulk upload of legal agreements:As global bank with best technology experience you look for smart, holistic and most advanced solution. Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution comes with functionality to upload all contracts in one go.
  • Auto conversion of all formats into word even if it’s a JPG:Contracts uploaded in Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution converts contracts of all formats (jpg, picture, photo, pdf) to word form making it easy to discover LIBOR clauses
  • Systematic reading of all contracts and discovery of all LIBOR clauses:Here comes the biggest reassurance, our LIBOR Transition Contract Solution comes with features of reading all contracts and determining clauses require changes on account of LIBOR sunset.
  • Auto creation of addendum organization-wide acceptability:As you deal with hundred of thousands contracts in your organization, Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution systematically build contract addendum/new contract as per your choice and make it ready for review, negotiations by all stakeholders including counterparties.
  • Redlining, contract negotiations & version control:As we integrate with Microsoft 365, Volody LIBOR Transition Contract Solution do not force a new word platform to make things different. We understand the fraternity has been using Microsoft word for years and this is no time to experience new technology to draft under constrained time
  • Digital Signature, Document Compare, Audit trail and flexible hosting options:Volody LIBOR Transition Solution comes with integrated digital signature platforms like DocuSign, Adobe Sign, etc. along with a feature to compare documents with audit trail. Add to this the convenience of flexible hosting, either on-premise and on-cloud.
  • Smart Search feature with access to executed contracts & its content:Comprehensive solution with access to all LIBOR contracts including original contracts & Addendum or re-written contracts (parent-child relationship)
  • Dashboards, & Intelligent Analytics:Smart interactive dashboard with updates around status on drafting, negotiations, approvals and execution of LIBOR transition contracts.

Why Choose Volody?

Smart integrated DIY features to make Contract LifeCycle Management System usable as per your specific needs
Volody ensures guaranteed 7 days go-live promise with easy access on all devices
AI enabled smart Contract LifeCycle Management System solution including features like risk matrix & obligation management
Machine learning based algorithms for onboarding of legacy contracts

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