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A cloud-based insider trading software for company secretary and compliance officer.

Exception request handling

Post trading confirmation

Pre-approval before trading

Blackout period announcement

Volody's insider trading software

Volody's insider trading software is intelligent, cloud-based software designed for the company secretaries and compliance officers to monitor, follow and track all the compliances related to insider trading. Be it trading on your own company shares or trading on restricted shares, our Insider Trading Software help you manage all.

  • Capture and collect database of all the employee within the organization including top executives in the software where compliance officer can communicate and send a notification.

  • Capture and collect database of all the dependent family members of employees within the organization.

  • Facility to grant access to an employee where they can update their holdings.

  • Facility to grant access to an employee where they can upload their holding statement.

  • Facility to announce the list of the companies in which trading is prohibited for all or specific employees.

  • Send notifications within the software and via email about the announcement of the blackout period / no trading window.

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