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Information Technology

IT companies typically function as an extension of their customers’ business, therefore, occupying a critical position right in the middle of the value chain. While they need to accelerate new customer onboarding, meet contractual obligations, and demonstrate consistent ROI to drive account growth, they also need to unlock the full value of their supplier contracts to stabilize spending and reduce overheads by automating the onboarding of new suppliers and employees to support their people and technology requirements. However, contract management processes are done manually, with absolutely no controls or insights into past performance and delivery data which leads to delivery misalignments and revenue leakage, disputes, and inefficiencies.

For the majority of IT companies, profitability largely depends on how quickly and efficiently they can scale their operations to meet contractual obligations and service level agreements to their customers. As a result of which they need a CLM solution that enables them to manage contracts, performance, risk, and relationships across buy- and sell-side accounts, while minimizing value leakage and boosting revenue recognition. IT businesses can significantly reduce overhead costs and contracting inefficiencies by taking a technology-first approach to contracting.

With Volody CLM, you can easily leverage AI to uncover risks buried deep within contracts, assess their impact, and take measurable and corrective action using data-driven insights.

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