Paperless Board Meeting Software. Protect confidential agenda items from possible misuse.

Board meeting documents viz. Agenda, Notice & Minutes are very confidential documents. Office boys / Office Secretaries may be careless or leave it in wrong hands. Result : Confidential informations leaked, eroding shareholder value, possible non-compliance and loosing shareholders trust..

Easy-to-use cloud Compliance software for businesses.

All communications through web based application

Software allow both ways communication with Directors thorugh software. Directors have facility to write comments, updates, calender entry and reminders. Easy to use features have been provided keeping in view the average age profile of Board members.

Access through any devise

Directors need not carry bulky Board folders with them or through their Assistants. All Board documents are stored in software and Directors can access through their smart phone, Tablet, Laptop or Computers.

Interactive and facility to write comments`

Directors can make suggestions and comments on the Board Agenda items and Minute items. It allow Directors to make their notes online and discuss these notes in the meeting instead of sending emails or sending hand written notes.

Board Meeting anywhere.

Why carry risk of loosing Board documents in worng hands and impacting shareholders trust, non-compliance and burdening your emiment Board members carrying bulky Board documents. Board Meet App eliminate all these with easy to use software