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Financial Services


Globally Financial Service businesses are facing tremendous competition through FINTECH Companies as well as innovation adopted by peers. Continuous push for revenue growth has resulted in competitors mounting pressures on costs levers, customer experience and service levels. Technology plays critical role in cutting costs, improving customer experience and automate processes. Financial Services business must ensure real-time visibility into every aspect of business and ensuring optimization of resources. The number of regulation governing the financial services industry globally are rapidly increasing and hence, increased scrutiny by regulations including Central Banks, Anti-Money Laundering Law, Insurance Regulators, SEC, SEBI, Data Protections laws etc. requires complete control over contracts by business owners. Effective contract lifecycle management for financial services is no more an operational necessity, but a necessity for customer data safety, customer experience and ethical values of the organizations.

Volody Contract Lifecycle Management for Financial Services allows organizations streamlining all contracting processes, build workflows, manage approval process, reduce risks, and design a better contract management framework. All these with click of button. The features of Volody Contract Management Software are


Seamless integration of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and work-flow programming for smooth contract execution process.


Track and manage contractual data comprehensively to ensure all compliances are in place and valid.


Maintain audit trail and versions for all the changes made to all kinds of contracts including vendor, service providers, customers and third parties.


Smartly create a contract with the use of AI and ML and provide base document to users (Legal Or Business) with the use of repository, clause library, similar contract with counter-parties.


Integration with reputed e-signature companies including DocuSign, NSDL to allow electronic signature as per law of land.


Easy visibility to contractual obligations, milestones, deliverables to ensure adherence to the scope of work and meet delivery timelines and budget expectations.


Internal approval workflow to ensure that all contracts are duly approved as per internal Limits of Authority.


Store and manage all executed contracts within indexed, searchable and secure repository.


Communication with business, legal and counter-party.


Various dashboards, MIS and vital information for data analytics and improve your revenue, control costs and manage vendors.


Generate reports to increase transparency and stakeholder accountability for key actionable items and performance indicators.


Reminders for renewals, negotiations and executions to ensure availability of legal contract at all time.


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